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I have spent many years learning and training in a myriad of Holistic Therapies, however Energy Medicine (Healing) is what has consistently resonated with me both during my own journey of self-healing, and when working with clients. 


After moving from our cattle property on the Western Downs,  I set my heart on designing a new studio space to continue seeing and helping clients. It needed to be intimate enough for one-on-one treatments, but large enough to facilitate Circle Ceremony groups.


My vision was to create a space that would nurture our souls. A space where we could find our balance and our body’s harmony. A space where our minds and hearts would find connection again and a space that was nestled within nature and grounded to the earth’s frequencies and rhythms. 

I also strongly believed this space needed to be accessible to all healers, therapists, practitioners and teachers, so that they too, could use these qualities to enhance their own practices. 

My dream and vision has become reality!! I am now grateful to be the proud owner of The Dome! A Wellness Hub, nestled on our 200 acre property in the High Country Region, outside Toowoomba. 

I am so excited to welcome new, and old, clients for holistic therapies... facilitating Retreats and Ceremony Circles... and assisting you if you're wanting to hire this amazing venue.


We all know that everything in the universe is made up of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Even things that appear solid are made up of vibrational energy fields. 


Our bodies are no exception… they are a complex biofield of electromagnetic frequencies and light waves. 


Mainstream medicine has been tapping into our body’s electromagnetic field for years (e.g. EKG’s and MRI’s). But with scientists confirming the existence of such things as meridians (chakra system), this now validates the basis of many ancient, energy healing, principles. 


The problem these days is we’re being increasingly bombarded by man-made electromagnetic frequencies. This distresses the energy of the body, damages human cells and causes dis-ease. Electromagnetic pollution from our mobiles, Wi-Fi routers, SMART appliances etc has become a dangerous health issue for us all.

Energy medicine is now moving far beyond the “woo woo hippy stuff” mentality. 

Both doctor’s and wellness practitioners are now realising the enormous potential of energy medicine, in the role of healing.

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